Special Education and Related Services

The Sack Law Firm P.C. attorneys are committed to helping individuals with special needs and their families navigate the system to obtain critical services to meet their needs. As lawyers who are passionate about helping people with special needs, we will assist you either as an advocate or attorney in securing the education and related services to which persons with special needs are entitled under the Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA). The Sack Law Firm P.C. attorneys also are committed to working collaboratively with you to develop a long-range strategy to help your special needs child achieve success.

Please contact our attorney Jim Sack for your Special Needs law inquiries.

For example, The Sack Law Firm P.C. attorneys are also experienced in establishing special needs trusts. Special needs trusts are an important planning tool and are particularly useful for maintaining continued eligibility for public benefits due people with special needs. Our ultimate goal is the success of persons with special needs.

Please contact our attorney Stacy Costello for your Special Needs Trusts inquiries.


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